Ahhh - nothing like a wet babe and beachballs! Leyla frolicks in the pool with her clear-panelled beachballs, teasing and squeezing. She rides and grinds on the pool deck until the seams split and she shreds it apart triumphantly!
Beach Ball Destruction

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You asked for it, and we delivered! Fan favorite Maya rides, not one, but two shamu whales. She teases them for a bit, then decides to slowly torture one of them. First she slowly lights a cigar, and burns his eye with it.. That isnt enough for our evil tempress, so she pulls out a large knife. Slitting Shamoo's throat, and then tearing him to tiny shreds, Maya is finally satisfied
Shamu destroyed

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Uma delights us with her beach balls at the edge of the pool. Armed with both clear panelled & solid vinyl beach balls, a totally naked Uma straddles, stacks and rides to her heart's content. The firm vinyl squeeks and groans up against her wet, naked skin and she enjoys every minute of it!